Sony Timelapse Workshop

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I have always been told that Liwa is a beautiful place and its a must visit, and when Sony told me about the workshop I was so stoked and excited to check out the location, and once I arrived there it was true how people described to me the location. And of course, with the organization of Emirates photography society and Union of Arab photographers, it was so accommodating while you are in the middle of the desert. 

I want to thank all who organized this 3 days event, I got to know many photographers and students. For my workshop, around 30 people attended and from several Arab countries Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq and Abu Dhabi. And part of the workshop is technical so we went out to the desert in the middle of the night to take time lapses which will take at least 4-6 hours, it was a really cold night and I was expecting the students won't be able to cope with the cold for all those hours but shockingly they all wanted to stay till sunrise, it was a great environment to see passionate students eager to learn no matter how the conditions.

But due to security reasons we had to leave before dawn, and in the second day which was only a couple of hours since we arrived from the shooting, the majority showed up and I really was impressed by them all.  

These are some pictures taken during the 3 days at Liwa workshop.

Also, I promised the students a link to the presentation. 

Here it is in the below link:

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