First of September got the call from Sony to showcase a new camera, and the brief was that its focused lifestyle and travel, filmmakers, and photographers. Once I received and held it, I knew exactly why its made for these 2 genres. It's a Full Frame sensor in the body of an a6400.

Definitely was a hard task for the engineers.

Having a full-frame sensor in that kind of a body will be a perfect B camera for when I travel. Still getting the capability of a full-frame meaning to have great low light shots, maximize my frames with my lenses. Also when going around in the touristic areas which they are not fond of photography, carrying a small body with a 24mm 1.4 GM lens will do it, as they will think you are carrying a nonprofessional camera yet the package is powerful, wait till you see it by yourself.

So My thoughts in this video is that I wanted to create a video of lifestyle in my home town Alexandria, and skateboarding is a rare sport in Egypt and also in the Middle East so I wanted to shoot something new, but to make things more interesting I choose female skateboarders, as a female role, in general, there is a big issue and I wanted to kind of address that in the video. As these girls experience this daily of how the society looks at them but not caring and loving what they do, they use their passion and focus to ignore all that and express their feelings through skateboarding.

My challenge was that there are no skateparks in Alexandria and skating anywhere will lead to us being kicked out of the premises, so the only way to pull this off is by shooting late at night till dawn. And skateboarding is all about capturing the moves and tricks, but for me, it wasn't a problem with the camera, I was shooting 120 FPS and at the same time carrying the camera without a gimbal and on a skateboard catching up with the skaters. Another feature is the flip screen which was a really important role in helping to view the footage while I am positioning the camera in difficult areas.

Having the run and gun style shoot, roaming around the streets so that we don't that kicked off, one stress was removed from my shoulder, and it was the autofocus system, with the new Eye AF I didn't need to even bother as it is always in focus with the subject, making my life a bit easier and focus more on story and camera angles.

I enjoyed a lot with this camera, and I believe it's a new whole category added to the sony alpha family. we as creators are really fortuned enough to have these amazing cameras with really high specs. Wait till you hold it and understand how this body has a full-frame camera.